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Now there are fire hazards in metal aluminum ceilings?

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Now there are fire hazards in metal aluminum ceilings?

** Xiaobian brings you some popular science knowledge that you don't know。There are some fire hazards about aluminum materials。The current fire hazard problem mainly focuses on fire prevention and toxic gases。The aluminum ceiling installed in the room also needs to have sound insulation and other effects。So the material behind the paste is very important。首先,Sichuan aluminum ceilingThere are four kinds of black materials on the market now, which are fireproof sound-absorbing paper, chemical fiber cloth, non-woven fabric, glass fiber cloth。Each has its advantages and disadvantages.。Fireproof sound-absorbing paper is a new kind of material, fireproof and anti-static, sound insulation and flame retardant, the largest factory uses imported sound-absorbing paper, the price is expensive, there is no cost-effective, there are one or two factories in the production of this kind of fireproof sound-absorbing paper。If you are interested, you can search on your own, and there will be no advertising here。At present, fireproof sound-absorbing paper is the best combination of Sichuan aluminum ceiling and soundproof panels and other ceiling building materials。And fireproof sound-absorbing paper can come with hot melt adhesive particles when leaving the factory, which can be directly affixed behind the aluminum ceiling。Chemical fiber, is a kind of chemical fiber, no sound insulation is not flame retardant, after burning will produce a lot of smoke and toxic gases, but the price is quite cheap, there are many small manufacturers of aluminum ceiling with this chemical fiber in the impersonation of fire absorbent paper,Sichuan aluminum ceilingThe domestic construction market is chaotic, and no one is pursuing the construction side of the fraud。This could be a big fire safety hazard。Non-woven fabrics, similar to chemical fabrics, are not soundproof or flame retardant, and contain formaldehyde。However, the toxic gas after combustion is not as much as the chemical fiber, and the flue gas after combustion is not much different。The price is calculated according to the gram weight of some cheap, and some are still very expensive, and the thickness of this non-woven fabric completely depends on the conscience of the manufacturer。Glass fiber cloth, this material flame retardant effect is good but not sound insulation, depending on the density of use, because the aluminum ceiling is perforated, the density of glass fiber cloth will miss the indoor air conditioning or heating。In addition: chemical fiber fabrics, non-woven fabrics, glass fiber fabrics have a major defect, that is, they must be glued behind the aluminum ceiling。As we all know, glue contains formaldehyde, is not fireproof, and will also produce toxic gases after combustion。And the use of glue to paste the aluminum ceiling smell is difficult to remove。These are the topics brought by Xin Hongda, or that sentence, looking for aluminum curtain wall materials, just look for themSichuan Hilya Aluminum Technology Co., LTDWelcome to consult!