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Sichuan aluminum ceiling installation need to pay attention to what problems

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Aluminum ceiling and the matching keel is made of metal sheet processing molding, aluminum ceiling connection form is inserted, in order to ensure its connection is smooth and not loose, the size of the connection structure should be more accurate, allowing the adjustment range is small, high installation requirements。In order to avoid the uneven phenomenon of Sichuan aluminum ceiling, the following points should be paid attention to in the decoration construction process:

Sichuan aluminum ceiling

(1) The purchased aluminum ceiling and the supporting keel and accessories should meet the quality requirements of the product, and there should be no bending deformation。

(2) In the transportation and stacking process, the aluminum ceiling should be shelved and flat, not under pressure, and to avoid high temperature and harmful substances。

(3) keel installation flat, spacing deviation should be controlled within the allowable range 1.Within 5 meters。

(4) When installing aluminum ceiling, if there is a deviation in size, it should be adjusted first and inserted in order, not hard inserted to prevent deformation。

(5) Large lamps, exhaust fans and other things should be fixed separately as keels, and should not be directly placed on the aluminum ceiling。As long as you can pay attention to the above five points, you can basically achieve the firm effect of aluminum ceiling, and avoid uneven phenomenon。In the construction process, if necessary, it can be observed and inspected by measuring and hand testing。

The quality and installation level of the aluminum ceiling directly affect the effect of use。Therefore, in addition to paying more attention to the installation, special attention should be paid to the quality of the purchased aluminum ceiling。Usually purchased cheap aluminum plate, after a short time of use will appear between the keel and the connection problem。Therefore, when consumers buy aluminum ceiling, it is better to find some brands with good reputation and better after-sales service。In this way, the probability of problems after installation will be smaller, and even if there is a problem, you can also get effective maintenance services。

The above is a brief introduction to the installation of aluminum ceiling precautions, if you have the need of aluminum ceiling products, welcome to contact our company, our company specializes in the production and sales of aluminum ceiling。

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