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How much do you know about the installation method of Sichuan aluminum veneer?

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Aluminum veneer is often seen in life, but I do not know that careful friends have been curious about how aluminum veneer is installed?Or you Zheng plan to install aluminum veneer, but for the installation method and distress, the following Sichuan aluminum veneer manufacturers to introduce you to the installation method of aluminum veneer:

Sichuan aluminum veneer

1. Install the corners according to the same level height。

2, according to different requirements have different skeleton, such as: L50*50*5mm Angle steel fixing, embedded aluminum pendant fixing, etc., according to different products have different fixing methods。

3, the pre-installed on the gusset keel of the lifting, together with the gusset keel close to the light steel keel into a vertical direction under the light steel keel, gusset keel spacing according to the size of the plate to determine, must be adjusted to the level after all installation。

4, the buckle plate in order on the keel, each buckle is finished, the reverse lock plate is pressed down, and the keel is connected with the connecting piece。

5, the board must be installed with gloves, such as accidentally left fingerprints or stains, can be cleaned with detergent and wipe dry。

The above is about the installation method of aluminum veneer, if you have the need of aluminum veneer products, welcome to call our company。