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What are the advantages of Sichuan perforated aluminum veneer?

Release time: 2022-07-16 作者: Share to:
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     With the upgrading of building materials,Sichuan perforated aluminum veneerIt has become one of the more popular metal curtain wall raw materials and is used in a variety of multi-storey buildings。In this issue, Hilya Xiaobian will give you a simple chatSichuan perforated aluminum veneerHave those advantages!

Sichuan perforated aluminum veneer

    1. It can make the building look like it has a sense of plastic arts and improve the concept of artistic design style。

    2, the punching machine can make the room achieve natural ventilation, the light source can also penetrate through the hole to the room, the natural light utilization rate is high。

    3, corrosion resistance, punched aluminum veneer surface after fluorocarbon spraying, fluorocarbon has excellent corrosion resistance, but also can be sprayed into different colors according to custom needs,

Sichuan perforated aluminum veneer

    4, light quality, conducive to transport and installation, and is the recycling of metal composite materials, aluminum substrate can be fully recycled, in line with contemporary social development and environmental protection of decorative materials provisions。

    Well, that's what Xiaobian shared aboutSichuan perforated aluminum veneerAdvantages introduced, if you have other questions or needs for Sichuan punching aluminum veneer, welcome to contact us or pay attention to our official website - Sichuan Hilya Aluminum Technology Co., LTD