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Sichuan aluminum ceiling category introduction

Release time: 2022-04-19 作者: Share to:
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Sichuan aluminum ceilingIt is a decorative material for ceiling partition that facilitates air circulation, exhaust and heat dissipation。The following Xiaobian will give you a detailed introduction together!

Sichuan aluminum ceiling

1. Grille ceiling

Flexible combination of grille ceiling: combination of aluminum grille and aluminum frame,After installation, it has the characteristics of unique design and novel shape,The top of the main and secondary bones of the grille ceiling are hemmed inward to enhance the firmness of the bone strips,The main bone and secondary bone strips can be trimmed in situ,To meet the requirements of different sites,The trimmed strips can still be used together,The ports of the main and secondary bones are elaborately constructed,To make the connection of the bone strips seamless。

2, aluminum Fangtong

Aluminum Fangtong is used to conceal a large number of crowded public places, which is convenient for air circulation, exhaust and heat dissipation, and can make the light distribution uniform, so that the whole space is spacious and bright。Aluminum Fangtong is widely used in subway, high-speed rail stations, stations, airports, large shopping malls, passageways, leisure places, public toilets, building external walls and other open places。The aluminum square pass is an open-through long strip hanging plate, which is composed of the aluminum square pass arranged by distance。The use of long slats hanging on the keel mounting test, in a visual degree to hide the keel system。Aluminum square ceiling vertical coherent coarse ambassador, simple and elegant appearance with the style of The Times。

3. Aluminum gusset plate

The aluminum buckle ceiling has tight structure and strong waterproof resistance: the installation structure is windproof special keel buckle structure,It is very dense,Absolutely no gap,防水性强; 高深龙骨、防风性强:高深龙骨上有固定模数的卡齿,The metal ceiling is designed with a windproof card code beside each card tooth for windproof performance,Suitable for outdoor decoration,High safety,Suitable for outdoor installation and flexible assembly,To provide designers with a broader concept space。

Sichuan aluminum ceiling

4. Aluminum hanging piece

Aluminum hanging has an open vision, so that people's minds are open, ventilated, breathable, clear lines, and distinct layers。 The installation effect of aluminum hanging pieces is simple and clear, which is the style of modern art。 The variety of color, wood grain is now the most popular color, but also highly imitated the color of nature, so that people can also feel the existence of nature in the tired work。

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