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Zheng Gongcheng representative: Enterprises should realize the two-wheel drive of commercial value and social value

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People's Daily Beijing, March 10 (Fang Jinglun, Tang Jia) "In the new stage of development, we need to pay more attention to the role of enterprises and entrepreneurs。Zheng Gongcheng, a deputy to the National People's Congress and president of the China Society of Social Security, said,In recent years,** Continue to increase support policies for market players,On the one hand, we must fully enhance the vitality of the enterprise,The ability to mobilize entrepreneurs to create wealth;meanwhile,Set traffic lights for capital,** The healthy and orderly development of the capital market;It is also important to promote sustainable social value innovation among businesses and entrepreneurs。

"The majority of enterprises must first improve the quality of products and services, improve total factor productivity, focus on the main business areas, and become the core force of 'bigger cake'.。"Zheng Gongcheng believes,In recent years,Many companies use their advantages in technology and products,Based on the company's own main business areas,Use commercial models to solve social problems,This attempt to accumulate ji breaks through the traditional form of corporate social responsibility realization with donation as the main way,Taking into account the business interests and social value of the enterprise,It explores new ways to solve social problems。

"Enterprises have different main business areas and different stages of development, and their ways of solving social problems are also different。Zheng Gongcheng, for example, catering companies can integrate healthy diet promotion;Car manufacturers can expand the business of accessibility modification of vehicles and remove barriers to the social integration of people with disabilities。Further, enterprises can participate in the third distribution if they can, reflecting the social responsibility of enterprises。

In order to realize the two-wheel drive of commercial value and social value, zheng Gongcheng suggested paying attention to the zhong point industry and typical cases, promoting industry pilots and promoting typical experience。Focus on the pain points and difficulties in social problems, choose both industrial and professional fields, and guide relevant industries to participate in creating social value。

To this end, Zheng Gongcheng called for exploring the establishment of relevant policy systems。Information sharing and dialogue mechanisms should be established, and relevant government departments or academic circles can compile lists of social problems and call on enterprises in relevant industries to pay attention to them。For the areas with significant social value, the relevant business income of the enterprise can be given a certain preferential tax policy support。

"The realization of the two-wheel drive of commercial value and social value will not only lay a more stable foundation for the development of the enterprise, but also be able to better assume social responsibility while striving to create wealth, and ultimately integrate with the development of the government and the happiness of the people.。"Zheng Gongcheng said。

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