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Share Yunnan aluminum ceiling installation process

Release time: 2022-01-05 作者: Share to:
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本期Yunnan aluminum ceilingManufacturer Xiaobian mainly to share with you about the aluminum ceiling installation process, interested friends come and see!

Yunnan aluminum ceiling

1.Weak line: According to the floor elevation, according to the design elevation, set the ceiling elevation along the wall of the wall, find the center point of the room, and then draw the keel partition along the ceiling elevation to the wall centered on the center point of the room

2.Install the main keel boom: After playing the ceiling elevation and keel position line, determine the height of the lower end of the boom, install the pre-treated boom, and then secure the boom to the expansion bolt on the diameter 8 ceiling。 The rod is made of round steel with a diameter of 8, and the spacing of the boom is controlled within 1200 mm;

3.Installation of the main keel: The main keel is usually made of C38 light steel keel, and the spacing is controlled within 1200 mm。 In the installation process, the hanger matching the main keel is connected with the boom;

4.Install side keel: According to the ceiling height requirements, fix the 25×25㎜ paint keel on the wall with cement nails, and the cement nail spacing does not exceed 300mm;

5.Install auxiliary keels: According to the specifications and dimensions of the aluminum ceiling, install auxiliary keels that match the wooden boards。 The secondary keel is suspended from the main keel by a hanger。 When the length of the secondary keel needs to be extended, use the secondary keel connector。When hanging the secondary keel, the opposite end is connected and first straightened and then fixed;

6.Install sheet metal: When installing an aluminum ceiling, pull a guide line perpendicular to the auxiliary keel in the middle of the assembly area, then align the guide lines to install on both sides。 When installing, please handle with care and place the square plates in the order of flanges。 Gently press on both sides, insert keel, then push hard;

7.Clean: After installing the aluminum ceiling, wipe the surface of the wood with a cloth, and there should be no dirt or fingerprints。

Yunnan aluminum ceiling

These are the installation steps and various technical points to pay attention to when installing aluminum gusset ceiling. I hope it will be helpful to you!If you want to know more aboutYunnan aluminum ceilingPlease contact us. You can also pay attention to our official websiteSichuan Hilya Aluminum Technology Co., LTDSee you next time