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Sichuan aluminum hanging film manufacturers tell you why strip aluminum hanging film ceiling is more popular

Release time: 2021-11-05 作者: Share to:
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Xin Hongda workSichuan aluminum hanging pieceThe producers and suppliers can receive the corresponding consultation every day。It is understood that the projects belong to the type of venues, which belong to the large area and the suspended ceiling has a certain height。Why do picky designers invariably choose strip aluminum hanging pieces?Let's take a look at it with Xin Hong size compilation!

Sichuan aluminum hanging piece

1, to meet the requirements of social environmental protection:

The strip aluminum hanging plate is made of aluminum alloy plate or punching plate by electrostatic powder spraying, which has the functions of fire prevention, moisture proof and sound absorption。

2, effectively control the overall decorative effect:

The bar aluminum hanging plate ceiling is composed of a number of hanging pieces arranged equidistant, using the direct insertion installation method, can be the same color on both sides, can also be designed and customized different colors, with the lighting design, can be assembled to create a more beautiful decorative effect;It can also adjust the visual height of the house to produce curtain effect。

3, a wide range of practical applications:

Strip aluminum hanging pieces are widely used in large shopping plazas, art galleries, museums, stadiums, airport ceilings and so on;Commonly used heights are 75mm,85mm,110mm.Available in a variety of colors!

Sichuan aluminum hanging piece

These are the reasons that Xiaobian shares, if you want to know moreSichuan aluminum hanging pieceFor relevant information, please contact us or pay attention to our official website -- Sichuan Xinhongda Decoration Materials Co., LTD., then we'll see you next time