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Analysis on how to distinguish indoor aluminum veneer and outdoor aluminum veneer

Sichuan aluminum veneer products are diverse, and the application scenarios and functions of different products are also different;From the application scenario, it is roughly divided into two situations, one, aluminum veneer is used for outdoor decoration;Second, aluminum veneer is used for interior decoration。Why would you...

日期 2022-08-15

What are the advantages of Sichuan perforated aluminum veneer?

With the upgrading of building materials, Sichuan perforated aluminum veneer has become one of the more popular metal curtain wall raw materials, used in a variety of multi-storey buildings。This issue of Hilya Xiaobian will give you a simple chat about Sichuan punching aluminum veneer have those...

日期 2022-07-16

Sichuan aluminum ceiling category introduction

Sichuan aluminum ceiling is a ceiling partition decoration material that facilitates air circulation, exhaust and heat dissipation。The following Xinhongbian will give you a detailed introduction together!

日期 2022-04-19

Zheng Gongcheng representative: Enterprises should realize the two-wheel drive of commercial value and social value

People's Daily Beijing, March 10 (Fang Jinglun, Tang Jia) "In the new stage of development, we need to pay more attention to the role of enterprises and entrepreneurs。Zheng Gongcheng, a deputy to the National People's Congress and president of the China Society of Social Security, said that in recent years, the government has continued to increase...

日期 2022-03-12

Share Yunnan aluminum ceiling installation process

This period of Yunnan aluminum ceiling manufacturers Xiaobian mainly to share with you the aluminum ceiling installation process, interested friends come and see!

日期 2022-01-05

Sichuan aluminum hanging film manufacturers tell you why strip aluminum hanging film ceiling is more popular

As a producer and supplier of aluminum hanging pieces in Sichuan, Xinhongda can receive the corresponding consultation every day。It is understood that the projects belong to the type of venues, which belong to the large area and the suspended ceiling has a certain height。Why do picky designers all agree...

日期 2021-11-05

Sichuan aluminum honeycomb panel has such unexpected functions, come to understand it

The innovation of natural products often imitates the structure and methods of nature, and human inventions are all inspired by nature and accustomed to the requirements of the natural world。Sichuan aluminum honeycomb panel with its light weight, high strength, stiffness and many other benefits,...

日期 2021-09-13

Installation of Chengdu aluminum veneer should pay attention to several points?

How to better install Chengdu aluminum veneer?Let's see。1, according to the required horizontal height pull the horizontal line, vertical and vertical need to pull well;2, according to the appropriate spacing lifting light steel keel (38 or 50 keel), the general spacing 1-1.2米…

日期 2020-01-12

How to better install Guizhou aluminum veneer?

1.Aluminum cutting edges and corners should be installed at the same level。2.Lift the boom and light steel keel at the appropriate distance。The distance between the boom and the light steel keel is less than or equal to 1.2米。Light steel keel and light steel keel spacing 1.2米。3.The suspension to be mounted on the triangular keel...

日期 2019-12-28

Hilya aluminum veneer knowledge common sense

The weather is getting colder and colder, but Xinhong size knitting enthusiasm is not reduced, ** Take you to see some of our industry's common sense。According to GB/T23443-2009 "Architectural decoration Aluminum veneer ** standard definition", four...

日期 2018-12-04

Learn about Xinhongda, understand the difference between carved aluminum veneer and wood grain aluminum veneer

Understand Xin Hongda, understand the difference between carved aluminum veneer and wood grain aluminum veneer ** Let's walk into Xin Hongda again, bring you about what are the differences between carved aluminum veneer and wood grain aluminum veneer, and what are the common points。Next, by Xin Hong...

日期 2018-11-16

Sichuan aluminum hanging piece introduction

Sichuan aluminum hanging film ceiling introduction to the boss everyone good evening, Xinhong size on time, ** We come to introduce new things for you, Sichuan aluminum hanging film using one-way strip installation, the formation of one-way screen level vision;Lines...

日期 2018-10-25