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Chengdu aluminum veneer - shaped aluminum square

Special-shaped aluminum Fangtong, light listen to the name we should not be difficult to understand, certainly not the regular ceiling ceiling we see in our daily life, but it is also possible that we see in life...

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Special-shaped aluminum Fangtong, light listen to the name we should not be difficult to understand, certainly not those regular ceiling ceiling we see in daily life, but it is possible that everyone in life also do not necessarily know what it is, let alone the name。The shaped aluminum square is literally understood and should be irregular and different from the normal aluminum square。

In recent years, the decoration industry began to popular aluminum ceiling, appeared..Many are flat or straight, flat ceiling without any shape and level, more simple;The linear ceiling is also simple to install, although there is a sense of line, but for the high quality requirements of people's pursuit of life now, these are not able to meet the pursuit of the people..Art and the need to create a high quality of life,所以,Designers do not stop at the beauty and style of their designs,In terms of practicality and functionality, it is also constantly trying to innovate,Make the product more user-friendly,We strive to make people feel different both visually and sensually,所以,Curved aluminum square gradually appeared in people's sight。Chengdu aluminum veneer

On the market, we see more shaped aluminum square should have curved aluminum square, wavy aluminum square, round tube aluminum square,In addition, there are relatively rare water drop shaped aluminum square, bullet type aluminum square, trapezoid aluminum square and so on,In fact, it is also a personalized customized product,Designers can be based on customer needs, design concepts and the actual situation of the use of the site,Designed different specifications of aluminum square,At this point,Our Guangzhou Hage Building Materials Co., Ltd. has 13 years of professional design and development team,Can be developed according to the needs of different customers,Then let the workshop to open mold design and production。

The following will introduce to you the curved aluminum square and wavy aluminum square that are used more in life now。

The curved aluminum square actually contains the wavy aluminum square, the wavy aluminum square belongs to one of the arc extension, the curved aluminum square is based on the beginning..The conventional use of straight aluminum square development, its processing method in the thickness of the product requirements are relatively high, because it is itself by the straight aluminum square tensile bending, so this process not only in the thickness of the requirements but also on the welding and grinding process..The requirement of...。

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