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Sichuan aluminum veneer manufacturers tell you the importance of installing reinforcement can not be ignored

Release time: 2023-05-05 作者: Share to:
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     Sichuan aluminum veneerAs a new type of metal curtain wall decoration material, once it came out, it quickly became a hot commodity in the market。Aluminum veneer is beautiful..It is easy to process, but the density and strength of aluminum is not as good as steel。Generally larger specifications of aluminum veneer, such as the length and width of the plate reaches 800mm*600mm or more, it is necessary to install reinforcing bars on the back of the aluminum veneer, and if the size of the board is larger, it is necessary to install a number of reinforcing bars to increase the resistance of the board。
   1. Why should aluminum veneer be reinforced?
   This is because there is a gap between the aluminum curtain wall and the wall of about 20-60cm, once the strong wind is encountered, it is this gap will produce a certain positive and negative wind pressure, if there is no installation of aluminum veneer reinforcement, the aluminum veneer may be deformed, and even produce metal noise。Since aluminum veneer reinforcement is usually welded on the back of the aluminum plate, it does not have any impact on the appearance of the board, making the entire board flatness better。

 When aluminum veneer is subjected to uniform load perpendicular to the plate surface, the layout of stiffener and the distribution of large concentrated stress around the stiffener fixing have a significant effect on the bearing capacity of aluminum veneer and the stability of stiffener。Generally, large aluminum veneer is widely used in construction projects..The flatness of the aluminum veneer needs to be calculated by reasonable force, and according to the calculation results, it is decided whether to reasonably install reinforcing bars on the back of the aluminum veneer to increase the strength and stiffness of the plate。

  Usually for the use of reinforcement, each aluminum veneer manufacturers have their own standards, the general reinforcement provisions are more than 600mm on both sides need to add a reinforcement, while the distance between reinforcement and reinforcement, reinforcement and the edge of the aluminum plate ≤600mm, and need to follow the principle of average arrangement。Generally, the installation of aluminum veneer reinforcement requires attention to the following four points:
  1, aluminum veneer manufacturers install the number of reinforcement requirements and technical specifications
 Dimension of long side of aluminum veneer H≦0.At 8m, there is no reinforcement。
  0.8m≦H≦1.When 2m, the number of reinforcing bars n=1
  1.2m≦H≦1.At 8m, the number of reinforcement bars n=2
  1.8m≦H≦2.At 4m, the number of reinforcement bars n=3
  2.4m≦H≦3.At 2m, the number of reinforcement bars n=4
   Note: The welded aluminum plate needs to be reinforced according to the width of the aluminum plate
  2, the ultra-long corner of the aluminum veneer adopts the corner reinforcement, and the corner bending edge is generally welded and reinforced after installation。Do not screw the nut fixing the stiffener too tightly to..The reinforcement bar is free to expand, and the nut is completely tightened after the surface spraying process is completed。The length of the aluminum veneer stiffener is to reserve a 2mm gap between the two ends and the folding edge of the aluminum plate, and the middle is to be nailed by a seed napping machine。
  3. Aluminum veneer nails should be tested for strength to..Sufficient strength requirements, the decorative surface after the nail visual surface can not have obvious dents。Aluminum veneer reinforcement is increased according to the design requirements of aluminum veneer specifications. The role of reinforcement can prevent the deformation of aluminum veneer products of large panels due to insufficient hardness, and effectively improve the flatness of aluminum veneer。
  4、厚度2.Try not to install reinforcing bars on aluminum veneers below 0mm, and years of experience tell us that they are lower than 2.The aluminum veneer of 0mm thickness will have obvious seed nail mark after being sprayed with reinforcing bars。
  5, if the aluminum veneer product needs a large number of welding, Xiaobian recommends the use of special reinforcement treatment to prevent deformation。Depending on the actual engineering drawings, you can also contact the aluminum veneer manufacturer to communicate and find a reasonable solution。
  Second, the precautions of aluminum veneer manufacturers in the process of installing reinforcing bars
  1, the length of aluminum veneer reinforcement should be as long as possible, in order to reduce the degree of deformation of aluminum plate, can not be cut corners in order to save costs。
  2. Aluminum veneer must be painted before entering the drying room..The installation of reinforcing bars is firm and strong enough, because it is known that heat expansion and cold contraction are easy to deform under high temperature baking。
  3. Check the reinforcement before installation to prevent loose nuts。
The above is about the relevant content of Sichuan aluminum veneer, I hope to help you。