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What are the key factors affecting the price of aluminum veneer?

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    The formula for calculating the area of aluminum veneer is: (aluminum ingot price + plate leveling processing cost)+ sheet metal processing cost + surface process treatment cost + aluminum veneer designer + quality inspection, documentary and other labor costs。The point is, if an aluminum veneer manufacturer's quotation is lower than the market price or too low, then you have to be vigilant at this time, because cheap no good goods, good goods are not cheap。..Gold aluminum building materials Xiaobian take you together to understand the mystery of the difference in the price of aluminum veneer。

    Aluminum veneer is a customized product, according to the requirements of different customers customized production and processing, in the process of aluminum veneer customization, generally involves the difficulty of aluminum processing and rising labor costs, which is why the price of aluminum veneer is higher than the traditional decorative materials。

    First, the price of aluminum ingots on the day is a very important factor。
    The fluctuation of the price of aluminum ingots (open from Monday to Friday, closed on weekends), since the start of the Russia-Ukraine war this year,..Aluminum prices fluctuate sharply, aluminum prices remain high for a long time, which directly promotes aluminum prices to remain at a high price, and aluminum veneer manufacturers suffer as the end of downstream processing。According to relevant authoritative data statistics, the gap between supply and demand of China's electrolytic aluminum market will expand to 2 million tons in 2022, in the context of low inventory, aluminum ingot prices are expected to continue to be high, and relevant agencies have raised the target price of electrolytic aluminum prices in six months to 25,000 yuan/ton。
     Second, the grade and thickness of aluminum veneer, which is a more direct substrate factor。Aluminum veneer has different specifications, utilization rate, conventional materials, whether it is super wide, etc., and the price is in different intervals。
    In the aluminum alloy plate substrate dedicated to aluminum curtain wall, the aluminum plate raw materials used by aluminum plate manufacturers are 1000 series aluminum plates and 3000 series aluminum plates。1000 series aluminum plate is also called industrial pure aluminum or 1 series aluminum plate,It is characterized by easy processing,Strong plasticity,cheap,Representative models: AA 1060, 1100 H14/H24,The 3000 series aluminum plate is called aluminum manganese alloy plate or 3 series aluminum plate,It is characterized by strong hardness,The flatness is better,But the price is higher than the 1 series aluminum plate,Representative model: AA 3003 H14/H24。In addition, there are 5000 series aluminum plates, called aluminum-magnesium alloy aluminum plates or 5 series aluminum plates, which are characterized by strength and 3003, welding, good processability, moderate strength and good corrosion resistance。5 series aluminum plate is mainly used as anodizing substrate, rust and corrosion resistance, longer service life after oxidation, and the color texture obtained after oxidation is more delicate, is a good anodized aluminum veneer special material。At present, the domestic use of 5 series aluminum plate is less, which may be the reason for the high price。
    The thicker the thickness of the aluminum veneer, the higher the price, such as: thickness 3.The price of 0mm conventional aluminum veneer is generally higher than 2.The price of 5mm thick conventional size aluminum veneer is higher than 35-40 yuan /㎡, it can be seen that the thickness of aluminum sheet is closely related to the price of aluminum veneer。Some non-standard aluminum veneer manufacturers usually use non-standard thickness aluminum plate instead of national standard aluminum plate as the substrate processing, such as thickness 2.25mm non-standard aluminum plate material instead of 2.5mm thick aluminum veneer is processed and delivered to the customer according to the thickness of the aluminum veneer..标准,2.The thickness of the 5mm aluminum veneer should not be less than 2 mm.35mm, to the late aluminum curtain wall project to bring huge..隐患。
    Third, geographical factors。
    Because in different cities, there will be different market conditions, it will produce different costs, such as plant costs, labor costs, machinery, water and electricity, raw materials and other costs, the cost is also different, which also makes the production cost of aluminum veneer manufacturers basically have a big gap。There are different raw materials, there are different costs, some will use pure aluminum alloy, some will use aluminum magnesium alloy, etc., there is a big price gap between different materials。
    4. Production process。
    Processing of aluminum veneer (such as arc, molding, perforation, roller and other shaping treatment),This point, as we all know, includes the old and new costs of equipment, labor, and machinery,Professional machinery and equipment,Naturally, it's quick,      Surface treatment processes (e.g. powder, paint, fluorocarbon, heat transfer, etc.,Different surface treatment prices are also different),In fact, the production process of each aluminum veneer is the same,Aluminum veneer in the production process also need to carry out different treatment on the surface of the product,才能..What effect will it have on the surface of the plate when used in the future。And the surface that has been treated in this way, using different treatment processes and coatings, will of course have different prices。
    5. Product packaging。
    This is part of the cost, some manufacturers in the packaging is very careful to prevent aluminum veneer in transportation, what damage。Besides, just come..Aluminum veneer beauty and reputation, and then establish a good image。
    Sixth, the supply of objects
    General aluminum veneer manufacturers are much cheaper than suppliers and agents, limited to the same quality, to avoid substandard materials), aluminum veneer brands, practice out of the truth, in the industry reputation is better, the same category of things, the price will be higher。
    Seven, aluminum veneer designer + quality inspection + documentary + workers and other human costs。
    The cost of human resources includes many aspects: such as whether the manufacturer has a full-time aluminum veneer designer to provide on-site measurement?Whether there is a full-time aluminum veneer development and deepening design personnel?Aluminum veneer manufacturer sheet metal workshop has a matching production quality inspector?Whether the manufacturer has customer service staff responsible for pre-sales and after-sales?Aluminum board manufacturers provide professional installation guides for aluminum boards?Whether there is a supporting aluminum veneer installation team?Whether it can deal with product quality problems in a timely manner, such as wrong board, missing board, etc., and solve them for customers in time?These can be said to be the cost of aluminum veneer factory。
    Eight, the number of aluminum veneer project area (project size)
    At present, the fierce competition in the aluminum veneer industry, for most manufacturers of aluminum veneer, aluminum veneer price and the number of project area has a big relationship, the larger the project, the more favorable the quotation of the manufacturer, because the small profit can be in exchange for the quick turnover of working capital, and attract more customers。Of course, manufacturers should insist on not impacting the market with malicious low prices, and insist on winning customers with quality, as long as the company maintains a virtuous cycle of development, it is the pursuit of aluminum veneer manufacturers。