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How to choose aluminum buckle ceiling for bathroom and kitchen?

Release time: 2023-02-03 作者: Share to:
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There are generally two places to consider the installation of aluminum buckle ceiling, one is the bathroom, one is the kitchen, at this time, the choice of aluminum buckle ceiling should be carefully considered。
 There are many patterns of aluminum clasp plates on the market, but in general, there are only two kinds: a wide variety of colors of flat plates and white hollow flowers。So, what should we pay attention to when choosing?

The ceiling of the bathroom should be hollowed out
  The bathroom is after the ceiling is installed,The space height of the house will be much lower (seal the upstairs sewer pipe above the ceiling),In the bath,Especially in winter,The water vapor diffused around,If the space is narrow,One will soon feel oppressed,People who are not in good health may even be in danger,But using a fan to circulate air would undoubtedly be too cold。
  At this time, the hollow flower ceiling will play a very good role, it will make the water vapor to evaporate upward without hindrance, and because of its thin paper pattern isolation layer, the air in the upper and lower space produces temperature difference, and the water vapor rises to the ceiling above, quickly condensed into water droplets, and will not drop down on the human body。It has a double effect。
  The kitchen ceiling should be flat
  First, there is more room for color selection, which can make your kitchen have a different charm and give yourself a good mood;The second is good cleaning, which is more important。Kitchen, the inevitable smoke will be a lot, even if you cook less times, a year or two later will obviously find the color of the kitchen dim a lot。When you want to clean, the ceiling is a very important part, almost 70 to 80% of the soot will be on the ceiling。
  If you choose the hollow flower ceiling when you decorate the home, it is equal to not clean, because the soot has infiltrated into the hollow flower, but the flat ceiling does not exist this problem, wipe with cloth, brush, can be quickly done。I've already done this once and it worked really well。Although there are many kinds of building materials market, but the mind has the idea of nine or nine out of ten, visiting the building materials market can also be a kind of enjoyment。