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Sichuan aluminum veneer and generous plate, what is the difference?

Release time: 2022-11-21 作者: Share to:
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Sichuan aluminum veneerAnd generous plate, are more common door plate, what is the difference between the two?Let's learn more about it with Hilya Xiaobian!

Sichuan aluminum veneer

Sichuan aluminum veneer is made of pure aluminum plate or y aluminum alloy plate, through cutting, punching, bending, welding, riveting, grinding, chrome, spraying and other processes, its structure is mainly composed of panels, reinforcing bars and corner code and other components。

The generous plate is a single color steel material, the back is not filled, the width is 50cm, the length is 20cm-500cm, and the material is 0.6mm galvanized steel plate, no keel installation, spacing 0-10mm adjustable。

From the appearance alone, aluminum veneer and generous plate door sign, the difference is not big, the main difference is:

Sichuan aluminum veneer

First, the generous plate is relatively thin, looks like waves, weather resistance is worse than aluminum veneer, a long time after the sun and rain, will rust, aluminum veneer is relatively thick and durable, weather resistance up to ten years, not easy to rust corrosion。

Second, the price of aluminum veneer is affected by the thickness, shape, and surface treatment process, in general, it will be more expensive than the generous plate, which is more suitable for the pursuit of grade of the middle g door head sign。

Above is the relevant content of Xiaobian collation and sharing, if you are rightSichuan aluminum veneerAnd generous plate have other questions, welcome to contact us!