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Sichuan aluminum veneer

As a new type of building material, aluminum veneer has been widely used in the field of building exterior wall decoration。Sichuan aluminum veneer as domestic..Aluminum veneer manufacturers, adhering to the "quality..Service first "concept, is committed to providing customers.…

日期 2023-06-20

Sichuan aluminum veneer manufacturers tell you the importance of installing reinforcement can not be ignored

As a new type of metal curtain wall decoration material, Sichuan aluminum veneer has quickly become a hot commodity in the market。Aluminum veneer is beautiful..It is easy to process, but the density and strength of aluminum is not as good as steel。Generally larger aluminum single...

日期 2023-05-05

About the curtain wall punching aluminum veneer industry knowledge

With the continuous development of society, there are more and more buildings, and the curtain wall as an important structural form has received more and more attention。The curtain wall perforated aluminum veneer as a form of curtain wall...

日期 2023-04-26

What are the key factors affecting the price of aluminum veneer?

The formula for calculating the area of aluminum veneer is: (aluminum ingot price + plate leveling processing cost)+ sheet metal processing cost + surface process treatment cost + aluminum veneer designer + quality inspection, documentary and other labor costs。The point is, if the price of an aluminum veneer manufacturer is lower than the market...

日期 2023-03-07

How to choose aluminum buckle ceiling for bathroom and kitchen?

There are generally two places to consider the installation of aluminum buckle ceiling, one is the bathroom, one is the kitchen, at this time, the choice of aluminum buckle ceiling should be carefully considered。 There are many patterns of aluminum gusset plates on the market, but generally there are only two kinds: colorful...

日期 2023-02-03

Sichuan aluminum veneer and generous plate, what is the difference?

Sichuan aluminum veneer and generous plate, are more common door plate, what is the difference between the two?Let's learn more about it with Hilya Xiaobian!Sichuan aluminum veneer is a pure aluminum plate or y aluminum alloy plate, after cutting, punching, bending...

日期 2022-11-21

How to judge the quality of Sichuan carved aluminum veneer?Look here!

Sichuan carved aluminum veneer is made of aluminum alloy as a raw material, so if you want to produce good quality aluminum veneer products, b must first choose the raw materials of aluminum veneer。So how to judge the quality of Sichuan carved aluminum veneer material?Underneath and...

日期 2022-10-09

Sichuan aluminum ceiling how to remove?Look here!

In this issue, Hilya Xiaobian would like to talk with you about the removal method of Sichuan aluminum ceiling, if you are not clear friends, come and see!

日期 2022-06-28